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Friday, December 24, 2010

Of Seafood and Birthday Cake! :)

OK i know!~ Title nak gempaks je! :DD Hehe. Anyway i was out today for a wonderful dinner with my belovey Frenzieeeee.... Jeannie, LC, Ekin, Aiman, Hansz Haikal, Chida and partner! :)) Hehe. *Sorry, no photo will be uploaded cos im not the camera-girl of the nite!* Hehe. I am more to a starving cutie girl who was busy ravishing the food and drinks during dinnerrr!! :) Not my fault that im that hungry, rite missy Tummy>? ;) 

Soooo i ate seafood tonite!! Which cost.. a LOT! But ok la cos i ate a lot and we ordered a LOT!! :) Hehe. The most important thing is... we enjoyed the dinner a LOT! :DD Seriously, u can't have that much of Joy and Fun and Excitement and Happiness and Giddiness with others but your five long-long years best friend whom behold ur deepest secrets and had a deep dark-bright history with U!! :) And yeah, we caused 'Chaos' at the restaurant but~~ Everybody loves U.S! Keh keh!! And it's Christmas Eve people!! We have to be happy!! :DD But the restaurant, all the songs they played was a sad, sad songs.. all the Farewell type!! Even the Happy Birthday song soundss soooo opera-like!! Haha!!

And it was at the end of the dinner when ShahBoon was born!! :DD Haha!! OMGS! :D I dun really mind being CapuPai!! OMO Tat is sooo cute rite?? But peeps! I really prefer Rabbit Over Tupai!! Seriously Rabbit is more famous and cute and tupai is too fluffy!! Hehe ;) 

Yeah, the thing is after all this happy hour.... i am suffering rite now... of itchiness due to allergy.... i tot it has long gone... but.. luckily i still have the cream!! ;) but OK la as long as its with u guys! Like seriously my beloved friendss, KAWAN KAWAN TAK KISAH!! XD ** OMO i really treasure this moment and really looking forward of our next little Reunion! :)*

Most importantly,
To :: Miss Ekin Maszli (Whom im not sure if u already know of the existence of my new blog, so please buzz me or follow me if u ever visit me! XD Hehe)
    To U Ekin who has just turned 20 years old officially last nite, i wish u a very very extremely super HAPPY Birthday!! :) I did not forget ur birthday seriously! I remembered but cos i dun have credit.. and i am tooooooo S.H.Y to write extra long post on FB and Too Hard for me to create such a wonderful words for u (which later wil be viewed by thousands ppl) sooo i decided to just do it here, in hope that the said person will be smart enough to at least go to my profile info @ FB and check my website there! :) 
    Oh please don't be mad babe! XD I seriously lovelovelovelove you!! ♥ Our history since five years ago was the main proof of the friendship we have till now! Grr seriously I hate You in the past and i Hate you now too, althou the love i had for u exceeds  it all!! :) I really love to glance back to the past.. back to the silliness and to be amused by how am i being a friend.. a close one to a person as crazeeeee as u! Seriously thats among the 'thing Capu most wonder in her life'!! Hahaha! And yeah u are now officially since 4 years ago was.. and will always be one of the most important person in my life!! :) No matter how weird and how NOT shy you are of calling ur self cute, i still accept the fact that we have and will always remains as the best of the best best friend! :)  Wish u all the best for ur future undertakings.. Good luck in everything u work on.. and May god bless U always... Hope all ur wishes comes true.. and Be happy! :)  I will always ♥ you! =) U know that rite? ^^ 

And that's the end of my 24th Dec! :D 
Sorry peeps.. i will write about you guys too... Cos u guys has always been, and will always be the love of my life!! :)  

Lastly.. Happy Christmas peeps!! 
Jingle all around! Make a wish or wishes ok? :) 

With lots of love from : Miszc Jung @ Capupai!

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