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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nothing better! :)

Nothing is better than being with old friend(s)! :)

Seriously! I met my long-long time friend.. A girl who i have not seen for like ermm 3 years since SPM over! Oooo it's just a co-incident that i met him yesterday!! :) U know what its super UBERLY Fantastic! XD Seriously! Our random talk was wonderful! Our imagination are beyond words! Seriously that is soooo random! I cant believe that I and that girl (who seems to be quieter than me!) could talk for 2 hours non-stop! Then later we continue chatting at chatbox! I, in the midst of doing my assignments but still, *brain is a powerful thing* i can chat with her for 3 hours non-stop continuing our disturbed conversation at the mall earlier... We talked about our schoolmates, classmates, teachers, our life, Malaysia, BF (None of us have any), future dream, kiddos! Haha. Hillarious! :DD So what if i really talk about all that with her? ;)  I am NOT old, ok? I'm just planning my future.. wisely! Haha!

Ooo. Now i realised just how much i missed my High School Life! XD 

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