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Saturday, April 2, 2011

020411 Updates!

So here is the final exam timetable! :) 

2nd year Faculty of Pharmacy, UKM
(List of subjects)

1. Various Body Systems Therapy
2. Antiinfectives and Chemotherapies
3. Pharmaceutical Analysis
4. Pharmaceutical Technology
5. IT in Pharmacy
6. Sterilisation and Aseptic Techniques

I don't remember.. But my exam will be from 12 April 2011 till 26 April 2011.
Then, 4 months holiday... :) 

But no I will join many activities.

 i. NoGAPS 2011 --> MyPSA at UM for a week
ii. Health Counselling Week at UKM Medical Centre for 2 days
iii. Pharmacy Attachment --> Work la! 
iv. Green Lung - SayWhat? XD
Maybe just go and kacau people at the carnival! :D
 v.  University of Surabaya? --> my biggest dream.. Haha!

So, just want to share to those who care! ^^ 
Take care peeps... 

Gambateh for final exams! :) I know its hard, but lets study and scoreee well! :D

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