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Monday, April 18, 2011

Education? ;)

Teringat saya di masa lalu. Semasa my family, my cousin’s family and I attend some kind of family gathering. Honestly, we didn’t know many people that time. So, we randomly chat la. Then I still remember me and my cousin plus my brother we was sitting at a table dengan uncle, aunty yang tidak dikenali.
Dan tersebutlah alkisah bahawa orang-orang yang sat on the same table with us are actually teachers la, but they are teaching at different schools. So, erm we all kanak-kanak jelita ni pun ‘di interview’ la by those teachers. Questions like, “Where Do U Study?”, “This school is…. Blahblahblah”. All the crap about which is the best school, the problems they faced with students and all sort of things related to education la. Kononnya.

Then my father came to the table. So, dia pun involved la in the conversation. It’s like fated that the moment he came, the whole table was actually talking about problems with student la. The group of teachers make comments like :

“Students nowadays are so rude. They don’t have manners and don’t have sense of responsibility”, “immature and childish”, “Students are damn bad”, “Students don’t pay attention to class”, “Students this, student that, bla blabla…

Basically it is ALL the usual crap and comments given by those teachers la. All sort of complaint. Honestly, I do understand that the world of education is yet the toughest area there is. It is not easy to become an educationist. It is not easy to educate one person, not easy to convey infos and knowledge and message to someone. But, one teacher has to deal with a great number of students so just imagine the pressure and how huge the burden a teacher actually carried. The job itself should come together with undying passion and love in nurturing and nourish the students with knowledge as well as great deal of thinking and improving their performance in handling daily lives. School is the main place other than home, and one of the most important aspects in a children’s life because this is where they spend most of the time with, where their personality got affected and develops, where they learned things and where they are greatly exposed to many external factors including human of various personality, trends, culture, variety of lifestyle, friendship and everything. 

So, back to the story.  As I was saying, we, on that table *because it’s a community gathering rite*, so we have to er, socialize and talk la cos honestly there’s nothing U can do besides talking and eating. So, just talk la. Hehe.  Anyways, erm yeah my dad came to the scene. So, the teachers plak complaining kan? Erm.. So, here is a little bit of what my dad said to counter back what those teacher commented.

“When U decided to become a teacher, it’s like U are legally guardian and also parents of the students. How U suppose to treat ur children, how U educate them and how U wanted them to be that is how it is. Being a teacher and educationist is not an easy thing. There are lots to it. Its not only about making them to score 100% and lots of As in exam. It’s more than that. There is more to it, ok? U need to fulfill them with knowledge and what is essential to life. To prepare them for future so that when they go out to the outside world, they can handle it. They are ready to face it cos they already have general pictures on what life is and that there are lots of challenges awaits them out there. Education process is also a process of development of thinking and maturity so that they know how to think and consider risk and advantages of what they going to decide and how to make decisions in life.
Saying that they are immature and childish is not good. Saying that they are rude and brainless, stupid or lazy is I think the most stupidest comment ever made because we as adult ourselves also do the same thing. Don’t always blame everything on study. We don’t have to be too strict to the rules and laws, whatever. Everything needs to be flexible. And don’t simply judge somebody’s personality on one thing. We have to actually know them to do that. And saying that they are not concern of their future is a lie as well. Cos they must’ve as well think of it.
And comparing life and achievements and performance of grade A students and Grade B, C students and also making judgement and accusation on students based on the prestige of school or institution is unfair as well. If u taught at prestigious, well-known school where in average the students are the study type and who actually life was ‘designed’ that way, of course la the average achievements is far far far better that when U were teaching at average school where many students are delinquents. It’s very unfair and irrational to make such judgements because that itself will affect ur performance at doing your job as a teacher. And saying them stupid or lazy or whateva, I think we have to blame ourselves as well la. Cos how stupid we are of thinking that cos of obviously, what is school for? Of course la it is for educating and nourishing them with knowledge, to make sure that they receive the essentials and becomes a better person. Nobody is a real smart ok? Nobody is a born-genius. They learn and learn and collect the essentials along the way.”

So, that is what my dad said. U didn’t know how touched and proud I am to my father. Honestly, my father might not be the greatest man alive nor did he a cleverest one, but actually his point of view really is very good! =) I love it and truly amazed and agreed with this.
So yeah after my father said that, those teachers had the BLANK look. And while my dad was talking, he talks in ways to ensure that nobody will interrupt! :D Geeee. If my father were to be on election, I will sure vote for him. And his speech would truly be ONE and the EPIC speech ever given by election candidate! X)

Oh OK. I don’t know why I’m sharing this. And I never wrote this long! *throws confetti* But im soooo proud of this scene. Haha! 

Signing out : Miszc Jung Sap @ Sapura Abdul Rahman! <3
*I even put my dad’s name, Haha*

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