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Sunday, April 10, 2011

My BAKA-ness!

This is serious! *_*

As U all know, this is my study week. Yes, next week that means tomorrow onwards is officially my Final Exam Season/Month! I have like 7 papers altogether. And NO Shit guys. 2 hours credit paper sometimes feel like 4,5 credit. And 4 credit hours is like...? And duh! This week will have 2 papers : AI and PS! Gosh! Please save and help me! *begging/praying* I seriously DUN Really have much of confident. I hope I can do well for this. Honestly I really really needs luck on my side. So Mr. LUCK, please come visit me often, will U? Or better of, just stay beside me... *wink* 

Anyways.. I am in a sooo big damn trouble! Please anyone come and smack my head hard so that I can place my 110% pure concentration on my studies... Grrr.. Honestly 3:2:1 ratio for sleep:play/eat:study is NOT good. Not a good ratio at all. If we refer to any pharmacopeias, this certainly does NOT comply to any standard value... Gosh! *facepalm, kick the brick*

------------- #%&$&*@%~`'&@&$%# -------------

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