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Sunday, April 10, 2011


- White Xmas from Kat-Tun -

The street glittered with silver as rain becomes snow
I saw the dream colored future on that day of Christmas
I smiled at you on that sacred night
The tears overflowed, though I will love you forever, why?
Now the snow dances as they fall, and at the sky far beyond here
someone new is waiting, holding on to a feeling that will never fade
We smiled at each other in those days, we were not afraid of anything
But I hurt your kindness, on that day of Christmas
I searched for dream and hope, and I found nothing but lost
The sky I look up to is too high, I cannot hold on to it even if I can reach it, Why?
Now the snow dances as they fall, the unhesitating feeling of those days
Continues on to a new tomorrow, a story that will never return
Even though I will wonder as I start walking, but the snowflakes that melted in my hand
will comeback again someday and reassure my heart

-____________________________________________________________ -

Honestly DBSK is daebak! :) My most favorite.
But still, I was born to be a stalker.. SO... :D

I love Kat-Tun! I really DO! :D Especially .. Kame-chan! 

Yes! He's Kamenashi Kazuya @ Kame-chan! Main vocalist of this band. 
Totally LOVE! <3
No JOKE! But he really can sing and act really well. ~
I love his cute, cool image. Very 'quiet' like me! :D

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