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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Not about Me!

Seriously, I've met many type of people all my 20 (almost 21) years of life. Be it good or bad, annoying and loveable, cute and funny, dorky and sweety, stupid and bitchy!~ yes, ive met them all. Also, Ive worked in so many things, organising sooo many events, dealing with lots of people from all walks of life. Datuk ke, normal people ke, i had ok? :D

Okay, so now my purpose is not to talk about myself. Just a simple thing that crossed my mind lately. 

U know some people tend to make me gag, vomit my stomach content out with their behaviour. Honestly!~ What U ask me? Lemme tell u..

There are some events that causes this annoyance. Anyways. I really dislike/hates/despise the fact that someone try to act all mighty, brilliant, smart and everything. U got what I mean rite? They tend to act as if they are the-knows-it-all type! Giving orders and instructions. Love dominance... Not that I'm saying its bad. But truthfully, democracy concept is soooo far away from that ok? U suggest something.. And u urge and use ur power and influence to make other ppl agree on ur thought! U know what.. That is soo low, irrespectable, plain annoying! 
U get what I mean? That is soooooo *all stated above*. and what I cant stand is, don't talk about ethics and protocols if U urself was one of those who break them. Ok? That just wants to make me suck ur brain cells out! *Ewww, gross!~*

Anyways, power and fame never tempt me. Never something i seek of in this life. Just one thing la.. RESPECT! 
~ Respect is something to be earned, not to be expected ~ 

That means respect others ok? 

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