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Monday, April 4, 2011

Smart Choice?

Lets look at the past.. 

Dulu masa kecil all of us dream to be a doctor. Cuba tanya all the children. There are top 3 jobs *according to my survey* of their choice. 

1. Doctor
2. Engineer
3. Accountant or teacher

IF we think back and if we talk to most people, they certainly aims for number (1). Biasalah, in our community especially, doctor is considered as the most noble, trusted profession. Very well paid as well. So mesti la everyone pun aims for it rite?

Haha! Teringat zaman kanak-kanak. This is also my dream before. Except for number (3). If i'm not mistaken, my 3rd choice is.. Pilot @ stewardess kot? haha! Me? Stewardess? Geezzz. Haha. Nampak macam TIDAK je kan? Walaupun a sister of a friend of mine (MAS Stewardess), she told me I actually meet the requirement! Hahaha!~ tak boleh tahan kan? ^^ No no, absolutely tak perasan! Thats what the *expert* told me! :D 

Tapi, I ni jenis yang berpijak ke tanah! ;D Maka, I admit. That job certainly does not SUIT me! :D The Almighty Capu! x) Selain ganas dan gagah, saya juga tiada feminity. And most importantly, I am an Outspoken person! plus sangat cerewet! plus sangat TIDAK Sabar! Soooo, sebelum passengers of the flight terbang keluar dari flight tu, baik Saya mengundur diri! :D HAHA!~ :D

Selain itu, lately saya beri counselling kerjaya kepada some of my Juniors ya? Haha! ^^ Every year and most of the time pun, this has been my part time jobs! :D Lepas ni boleh la buka consultant/counselling firm kan? In case dah boring jadi pharmacist? :D 
Walaupun mereka ni masih junior, tapi i seriously tabik kepada mereka la cos they are very inquisitive and sangat fikirkan future la. Bukan la nak cakap those yang tak tanya tu tak fikir, but I don't know. Rasa boring dah kot cakap dengan Uni student, so when i meet and talk to any of my Juniors, rasa bahagia.. Dan MUDA! :D
Anyways, adik saya mahu stop attending college, cos he said he don't have any interests anymore to study and he don't like to do assignments and stuff. But tak sure yet. I hope he won't la. But on the other hand, I think if he already feels that way and already want to work, plus cos he is attending private college *which requires a very huge amount of $$$$$*, it would just be a waste if he spend another year or two studying but has no interest with it. So, as a loving and caring sister, I told him. "STOP je la college, dik!" HAHA! :D no no don't get me wrong, my family and I really values education to the highest level. Tapi, education does not mean U have to spend 3,4 years studying when U urself has no interest at all on it. and U know U can do much much better OUT there, rite? :) Unlike me, i memang bookworm sikit! Kata Nerd? ^^ Soooo, im glad to stuck here *with all complaints* and study till I graduate! :) 

Also ada news ni. Eyh bukan news k, just some stories to share with U guys. This happens to my brother's friends. Erm not a good one, tapi I think it is good to share this. Hehe.

U guys surely know right how many private colleges are out there. *lately saya asyik mentioned bangsa ini shj* But, lots of them actually they think that it is very COOL and a good thing to go to college and graduate. However, they don't really received a good result. Its not worst but still not good la. Anyways, please note that not all private colleges are good and prestigious ok? Eg : taylor's college, Segi College are among the most prestigious la. But of course, its very expensive and has high requirements in intake esp for professional courses like Medical, Law, Pharmacy, etc.

Tapi, sebab rata-rata masyarakat, they want to send their son/daughter to higher learning institution, so they don't bother to ask/search info and all and just send their kids over there. To random college i mean. Anyways, just imagine for the first semester of studying, at the not so prestigious college, for 1 semester of Diploma level, they have to pay almost 10K! that is too much rite? 1 semester - 4++ months only. Just imagine nanti macam mana? They have signed the contract and everything and simply pay the money without asking why and what is it for. And just imagine the shock when I was told that for the whole Diploma course, for Business Management, it needs RM60000++! Thats soooo damn lot rite?

Gosh Human! Is it that easy for U guys to spend money? Ooo. Should I ask, do U think its easy to EARN Money that U, as if U are another Bill Gates relatives who has billions USD$$$ in their account, spending it like no tomorrow. 

Oh, actually I forgot what I need to say. But basically, just to warn U guys don't get easily cheat. Esp in matter of Education. Everyone treasures it soo much that I know if were given chances, U are willing to do anything for it. But also, don't kill yourself only for the sake of it. if u want to attend college, especially private one, U can ask those who knows bou this. so that U will not get cheated that way. And soo that U won't kill yourself for something that worthy BUT not at all of the value that U need to pay. 

Just think of when U go shopping. Eg : Padini is having a SALE. Say that the black pants there cost MYR90. And another shop sell the same one at RM39. But no trying allowed. Plus, surely not of high quality. I know U will say Im so brand conscious and all, but what I wanna say is if U choose to buy the PDI pants at RM90, its sooo worth it ok? High Quality cloth, neatly designed, good material and long-lasting. :D Soooo, make a smart choice! ;>

ps : I know I am being ridiculous, I put everything inside. Haha. I know I am! And after finished typing, I can't even think of a title for this post!~ *facepalm*

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