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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cats and the Wonder?

Actually this statement really makes me wonder.. Ever heard of "Curiosity Kills the Cat"? Or "Cat Got Your Tongue"? And what makes the real wonder is "Cat has 9 lives"? :D Ever heard of any? I bet U do, rite? 

Anyways, what really grabbed my attention *in this I am-suppose-to-be-studying-all-day-time week* is the 3rd phrase : Cat has 9 lives? I think most people knows of my obsession, love and passion for a creature called cats? Whoever had been with me for at least a year should have known. *It is only if u pays a good attention to me ;)* So, since I was 14,15 I have heard of this phrase. From people, from books and also in the movie Catwoman? :D Ever watch? Erm, star of this movie Halle Berry? Still don't know? then check it out yourself! :D Hehe.

CAT HAS 9 LIVES - Sap, The Cat Lovers Tale

FYI, i have been feeding and taking care of Cat and the family since I was 5 years old. Till now, I think if U total Up i will have up to 100 cats! haha. U know la, cats. They breed like .. er, cat? :D Hehe. So, the ancestors, great great grandparents, grandparents and family, parents and family, aunt and uncle, children and siblings. OK all of them has been taken care of by me.. :D
Oh GOD! :DD A lot rite? ^^ 
OK im not gonna tell U my history with cats. I am SUPPOSED to tell a tale on "Cat has 9 Lives"!!! So, U know... Cat don't really has 9 lives. Believe me, trust me. They don't. 

For example, 

1) If they were kicked or fall off the rooftop, they still survive. 
In this case the injury is not severe. That is why they can continue living. But believe me this does not means they still have 8 more lives...
 2) Accident between a cat and a car! :(( 
--> Cos the impact is too huge and most likely a serious harm and damage occur to the organ system of the cat, So the cat dies... 
* trust me, this is true. SO example (2) shows that cats live are not calculated this way
3) Cat-Dog fight
- have u ever watch such a fight!? Hey I mean the real cat-dog fights ok? Not the 'cat-dog fights' drama.. Geez... Hermm its very scary. Do U know and notice how scary dog becomes whenever they see cats? Gosh its real scary U know? its like as if they turned to a lion... Serious scaryyy... 
and did u notice how big, how sharp the canine teeth and their nails are? OMG! Its very deadly U know? 
--> In this case, 99% probability that the cat wont survive..Unless some brave human are willing to go save them! :D
4) Poisoning
-- One of my cat also accidentally lick/eat poisoned grass/plant. And she died later in 5 hours. :(( That is soo terrible moment for her and US! :( 
5) Improper care for the baby cats and also pregnant cat
- U know Human sometimes are too cruel without they realising it. U know rite how cats love to migrate and sometimes U will find them sleeping on corridor or near yr house. But some ppl, they are too cruel and loveee their grass more, so they chase and even beat up these lovely creature. WTH people! Please, WWE. Sue this people!!
--> So newly born kittys needs a proper shelter, meals and most importantly :: WARM! 
(if they are left in open and no mommy or even owner., they will most probably die. Just like that)
6. serious beating and torture from human/physical injury@trauma.
--> Scientifically, it has been proven that cat is one of the mammals with most flexible and strong skeletal system. They also although looks fragile but able to withstand up to XX (dun really remember) force applied. 
- However, just like human. If the impact is too huge., the skeleton will break. And damage. Skeletal damage will eventually cause organ damage/rupture, etc. >> Die

I know this is basically based on my observation and no scientific theory.. But, as U can see, this does not mean that the phrase meant 9 lives means cats could be in terrible, deadly situation for 9 times before it die a natural death!

~~ In My Opinion :: this phrase meant ~~ 

"That once a cat dies, it will be reincarnated. That is why no matter where we go, no matter how far we travels, and how long the time past :: When we see cats, they will always looks similar / same!" =) 

Arasso? That is why they said that. Cos if the black cat A dies, another 8 of As will be reincarnated to the world... And of this 8, if cat 1 dies, the same cycle continues.. It continues ON and ON till infinity. That is why no matter how advanced and good the cat breed is, it still will look plus minus the same as the ancestor and finally will be reincarnated to almost similar one. Hehe

LOL ! I typed sooooo long only to tell U this! 
Gosh, ignore me. Im suppose to be studying! :DD Haha. 
Aja aja fighting Rx students! :) 

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