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Friday, April 1, 2011

Hello April! ;)

So, today is the first day of 2011, April! 
No APRIL Fool tricks this year! ^^ Not that I or my other classmates remember it anyways. This week has been like, literature review for our thesis plak. Everyday we have presentation. Present everything after more than a month research! 

Anyways, cheers for those who has helped me a lot in ensuring that each of our presentation a great success. Thank for your very hard work people and thanks for er going through all this pressure, and to some, thanks for being efficient of my dead cruel standard/high quality of works/frequent editing, etc. Also thanks for everything! :)

Also today marks the very important date for our presentation for this semester is officially over! :) But no no. thats not the end. Not just yet! We still have to go through another 3 dreadful weeks of final examination. Which I tell U will be super deadly and killer! Hope we can go through this peeps. ;) 

U know.. With hardwork and courage. With love and care. With passion and spirit! We have to score well, arasso? ^^ make sure we gambateh! ^^ 
All the best for your final exam people. Study smart, study hard. Be efficient. And pray to god that our brains and body will be in a tip-top condition throughout this exam season!


psss : I just got my VAIO Baby back! :) I promise i will take a better and best care for U from now on! 
Trust me on that! <3

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