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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Real Random!

Most people thinks that the weight of work they carry is more than others. Blaming others for being happier and not soooo burdened like them. That they suffer much much more than others. Thinks that they lost sooo many things and very week and pitiful compared to others. 

but we tend to forget that there are lots more unfortunate person out there. those who suffered from things that we can never imagine. those that lead, not only a troubling, but also a dreadful, cruel life. 

You just like to blame people and criticise others for being so free. And u love to talk about unfortunate event that happens to only you.. But u forget to Look around and See, that there are so many others out here that are of greater needs that U! 
*Soooo peeps.. Don't be sooo selfish and don't be sooo mean of the lucky life that U lived. please for Once thank God for a beautiful Gift he awarded U!*

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