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Monday, April 4, 2011

Of Malaysia?

I read this one article. Basically, this is what the author wrote :

"Most Chinese go for IPTS because they are not accepted in IPTA. Plus the existence of quota for Bumiputera and non-bumi, it makes it difficult no matter how good ur achievements are. Also, the Chinese value education so much that they are willing to pay for it. But the Malays who got accepted there are not studying good enough!"

Before anything. Let me tell U that I am certainly not a racist party. Im never member or participant of any racism campaign ok? I'm certainly not skeptical or prejudice or bias-ing, this is totally pure, rationale, personal opinion based on my knowledge and experience. I practice 1Malaysia, I love technically all my friend. and I treasure my life here as malaysian. Living in a multiracial country, with a beautiful cultures and tradition. And most important part is : with widest varieties of foods one could ever find! x) Yes! And I liveee ever since diapers, with my multiracial friends. Even my family has some mix blood here and there! *wink* and all that k? And certainly I vote for 1Malaysia for eternity.

So, back to the topic. The issue stated by the author (somewhere in a blog) is not new. It is actually a topic of debate, unsatisfaction from public generally. Those who have been there, especially in tertiary institution should understand this more than anyone else rite?

I think what the author said is mostly correct! Please open ur eyes real wide and U can see the truth. Even ur heart will be able to tell U ok? Certainly, trueee.. For the fact that, it is easy for Malays to be accepted to IPTA and gain scholarship. that is an obvious truth! When we compare this two, we will find that the brilliance, academic achievements of the Chinese students are much much better than malays. Don't get me wrong. There are lots of brilliant Malays out there as well. But generally, if U look through a group of student, U will be able to see this differences. Not only in competency in study, but also in generic skills. Plus, if U see.. Take an example of this class. When U compare their result from STPM/Diploma/Matric, those accepted to this degree class. Chinese results are much much lots more better. We can't deny that ok? 

Not to be saying that Malays is too lack of competency, not brilliant, etc. We do OK? just this is an obvious fact. Please put aside ur semangat of treasuring and fighting for the Malays rights! 

This is global era ok? Malaysia has to set some standard on their education system. Im not criticising people. This is only my opinion as a neutral party! I wish that Gov will soon change the policies cos for how long they want to keep malays in the safe zone. We must be fair and practice a much more realistic system in order to produce a real competitive group of students.

Im kind of dissapointed with some comments leave by people.. Truthfully! Maybe my opinion looks so racism, *the Malays thinks so* but honestly I am Not k? Some big changes has to be done if we wish to be on the same level as other developed countries. Just look at how good Singapore has been! :)
This is exactly what happened last time when Tun Dr. M announced the implementation of teaching and learning of Science and Maths in english, not long ago! 

Ps : Im not saying that I am brilliant, but at least i feel i deserved to be here!~ :)


  1. How great if half of the malays think like you. PRoud of you babe ! =) Next time we will talk about politic ! HAHAHA

  2. :DD I really didn't NOTICE This! ^^
    Hehe. Im random U know. And my thoughts always fly here and there. So yeah. Suddenly SEMANGAT to talk bou this cos some girl criticising my comments at FB! And I dun think Im wrong at all in what im saying! So.. Yeah.