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Friday, April 1, 2011

The Magic of LiTi! :)

*Love In The Ice (Strings version) - SEOUL Dream Contest 2009*
owner : idkmybffdbsk / Joyce Bullock-Vigdor, from Atlanta

If u ask me, I would say, that the most beautiful, meaningful and all the full-full song for me is this : Love IN The Ice from DBSK! :) I know i sounds so Emo and Jiwang, etc. But i simply love this songs! 

The lyrics, the meaning and add to it, the powerful vocals of the singer. and the beauty of the melody! Its really beautiful! If u read through the lyrics, U will find that it is not only a sad, emo love song. Its everything about love.. Despair, desperation, wants, needs, hope... Everything that gives meaning to Love! :) 

Really really love this song. especially this acoustic, string version. She's very talented musician from Atlanta. And she's really awesome... <3

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