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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

another moment

Do U know this feeling of absolute happiness and gratefulness whenever someone help U? Like sincerely helping You? The sincerity that buys your heart. I don't really want to believe it actually, but when someone help U, it can be for many reason, rite? And its not certain if they are sincere in helping U or not. Buy your heart surely knows, doesn't it?  No matter how big or small help given to you, its the sincerity that makes U flying... Really, honestly that is what I felt! :) the feeling i felt is just amazing and wonderful that makes me.. WOW! :) 

Don't get me wrong. I really appreciate every single person help. And I ain't saying U weren't sincere or whatsoeva. Just that this time, i kinda wanna share it! x) 
I'm weird I know. Since when am I not? :DD

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