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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dari Dulu :)

Dulu. Masa zaman dulu-dulu. Dulu-dulu bila kita still muda remaja a.k.a fasa baru nak UP, friendship always become a main focus. Something that is kononnya something we most treasure la cos kawan is everything. U know all that right? where we feel the needs of having someone by our side : to mengutuk/gossip/spazzing/loving and hating together.? And bagi kita.. Kawan is the only person who will and is understanding us the most and whom essential for everything we did in life. Sampai pergi toilet masa class pun nak kawan temankan eventhough toilet tu is just like 2 m away. WOW! :) 
How great. 

After few years of searching and of course la through experience, knowledge, observations, etc. People change. Everything change. Friend comes and go. Some stay while the other, macam dissapears. Even the best and closest pun, some of them, whenever terserempak ke, buat tak kenal. Like we were total strangers. Macam tak pernah even nampak muka before. Kalau dulu, seboleh mungkin, baju pun nak pinjam kawan punya. All the personal items pun willing to share. Tp after few years/moments of not meeting, rasa like a total strangers. Even a brief smile pun tak nak tunjuk. *WT~~ Fish to all of them.* 

Kalau dulu, cari kawan nak yang cool, happening, fun to be with. kawan-kawan yang gila-gila and super hyper and memang 'enter water' type. Tak salah actually. Its UP to U! Macam mana pun, the person U can click well with, itu la the person U will stick to honestly. Dulu tak fikir panjang. What we want is just to be happy. To enjoy life kan? Tak salah pun. Depends on U la. Ur life! Bagi kita, nak cari kawan yang betul, yang akan bersama at all times. Tp, the definition of it... We make it on our own. Sebab pemikiran kita berbeza. We might have think of the same thing, but the way we apply and does things are different so, hasilnya berbeza. 

Bukan la nak kata, I choose a wrong person to be my friend(s). Hm, the same thing does happened to me. But, itu LUMRAH ALAM kan? Manusia. They are species that is subjected to evolution, changes non-stop over time. unstoppable and unpredicted. 
Ingat lagi kat some of my friends. Pernah la, macam he and she become someone I HATED THE MOST on that year. Honest BENCI! Jenis kebencian yang kalau dia berada 5m away from U, u macam hyperventilate, macam U r having some kind of respiratory depression that makes U go 50m away from every angle. Tapi, just because of one tiny, unexplainable acts, they have now become one of the most important, closest friends and indeed, is one of the person U needed the most. 
Ada pula some friends, they are the closest. Selalu gak slumber party sama-sama. Share top secrets, the best inner circle, the best of friend of all time la kononnya. Tp after a year of not meeting, terus macam change macam a rapid mutation has occur. Kalau jumpa pun, rasa macam strangers. And tetiba pula we can't PDA-ing. I mean like when U meet a long lost friend, *1 year ++ of not meeting*, hugging is like 'essential'. But tetiba plak kena labelled as Lesbo just because of that act is totally .... Yeah, U know what I'm gonna say but i'll keep everything a PG here! ;) 

Actually tak sure sangat why am I typing this long. And i have sooooooooo many more to write, but yeah... Assignments berlambak. And kena study like super duper Saiya. Anyhow, rasa sangat thankful for certain friends today. We've known for only a short while but U make me experience lots of things and expose and make me do things I have never done and experienced before. Of course, in a good way. 
Betulla kan. We all learn from another person. Just how we take the teaching, depends on our own thinking. Tapi, I really appreciate and rasa sangat terharu , honestly. 

Million of THANKS to U ! :) 

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