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Sunday, October 9, 2011


When one person do some good things, I wonder why people tend to go the other way round, searching for his wrongdoings and weakness. Why can't they just see beyond his contributions. I know we need to consider all pros and cons, background and analyse situation as a whole before coming up with conclusion. But does this concept also applied to human? 

Like seriously. tch!

What I meant to say is that. Do we really need to do that? I can say that I don't do that. 
like. When a friend tells U that Miss A donated RM100 for this *** activity. Then U reply with "really? Do U know that she gt the money from *****?". 

I seriously don't do that of course, but I happen to meet many people who did this.
Like, when U're talking about politicians. Yeah, the irony. Politicians normally get that. But, politicians and celebrities, its like a common thing la. 

But what would U feel when those words were said and aimed to U? 
It hurts like bitch rite? yeah, bitch always got it right! 
And tch. Really hates those people. 

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