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Monday, October 17, 2011

A Moment I could never forget.

The title really carries some sentimental feeling, doesn't it? 
Like i'm having some awesome, beautiful memories. But NO! It does not even a little bit implied to any of the awesomeness or beautiful-ness one would imagine. Haisz, it's just sounds so exaggerating, ain't it? I know. Which is why. I am having such a 'fantastic' tiny, short, memorable, spectacular memory in class this afternoon. :D 

Just imagine this. Your lecturer is giving U guys some sort of a short quiz. Needs to answer verbally. So I was like, damn, i didn't even finish reading the lecture notes. How am I suppose to answer. And no, this is not a subject where U can simply 'goreng' all the basis U have. Thanks to Rutherford and Mendeleev, we need to remember all this principles and facts and figures and all the technical, physics stuff. OK that the two had now gone, we as future generation of scientist needs to flower and nourish the knowledge and equipped ourselves with it for the so-called advancement of technology.

Enough said. Anyways. As I was saying, we were having some sort of a short quiz. Then.... He called names. He didn't call me actually!? xD *WAH jumps in joy* Yet after few questions, he suddenly make a statement that 'whoever can answer this Qs, he/she will no longer be asked of another more advanced one'. that Qs somehow intrigues me and bombard me with lots more Qs... So me, as an impulsive, mild stage closely-related ADHD student raised my hands up and out of nowhere just scream out the answer!! :D
The thing is my answer will be correct if the said lecturer did NOT decide to change his last Qs at the very last minute. A few milliseconds before me answering it!~ So...... And that's what happened!! OMG!!! I could die just out of embarrassment!! *dig my own 7 feet under coming-to-be sweet home* NOT only that, Ah!!! I can feel myself embarrassed to the max!! gosh! Huah Huah! *cries a river* Everyone was like.... Er, shocked, confused and.. Huah! Some is amazed! Hahaha. Seriously after answering it and realised what had I just done, i fall of the chair and hide myself from 92 pairs of eyes!! ~~ Gosh i dunno now whether I am suppose to cry or just laugh! Haha.

And now when I reached home, safely comforted by my comfy blankets, I just couldn't stop thinking of that said event! :D I even laughed like some crazeey woman when I was taking a bath just now. Just.. What a Day! :) Haha. And yeah, that would be a Moment I could NEVER forget! Thank U! *applause*

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