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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Sometimes, I wish I had a power to make people see light and do right things.

Some people were given a chance and they are gifted and totally have what it needs to do that thing right. With such opportunities, one would think that they should have fight till death for it, shouldn't they? Because chance is a one in a lifetime thing. But NO! that's not what happened. They avoided it, stay away from it for their own comfort. I mean like, if i were at their place, I would have just grab it cos who knows when will it be offered to you again, rite? And i feel like jumping off of the 10th floor of a building when i hear their answers. Cos their answers is that : "I don't want to do things more than what i was expected to do".

Mleh. What we were expected to do is just very hugeeeeeeeee and subjective and how do U list it all. People expecting U to do things and the expectations has no boundaries. Meaning, U don't even exactly know what actually people wanted of U. What U mentioned is actually what U expected of yourself doing. 

And sometimes i wonder. Where exactly has all the logical and reasoning goes to? With all this knowledges and skills and thinking and all the super awesome brain that U have. Because U were expected to do more than U think U were expected to do. And just do things that U see don't make U any better cos when U started to actually live on YOUR OWN, U will have to deal with a greater number of unimaginable things. And thats when chances is what U expected to come, but it will be the hardest thing to get. 

WOW! I'm amazed with my own thoughts! :) 

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