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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Lately rasa sangat GEDIK!! :DD 

Gedik sebab ... 

1. Always talk about this somebody.
2. Cos always looking for the best attire to wear everyday and finally decided not to cos laundry for last week has not been done yet and rest of the outfits looks sooo extraordinaireey to wear... ;D Melaram tahap gaban! ^^
3. Oww tetiba has lots of plan for future. 'Like if I had a boyfriend WHAT-TO-DO list', 'If i were a mother, how and what I want my kid to be', sooo many IFs! :DD 
4. Tetiba loveeee all the fluffy and cute things. I always love them but its just these days the obsession is worrying!! 
5. Has sudden drastic, intense craziness on Heels and Wedges!! Gila banyak I borong!! :*(

~Tak tahu apa emosi.. Tapi i feel proud and the JOY whenever looking at my collections! *_* ~

And YAHH! This is not the time to BE GEDIK because I have only 3-4 days to study for MidTERM Exam this MONDAY! :(
Praying hard to GOD for his blessings and love so that I can succeed for this exam! <3 

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