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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

HB! ♥

Oh, today is the birthday of that special someone who has been one of the MOST IMPORTANT person in my life since like 7 years ago? :) See how U always there in my mind? I can never forget about U no matter how far U are or how long we haven't meet and how crazy U are and how lovely I have always been! 8D

U know who U are rite, babe? I know I'm not one to show PDA-ing but i really love U so much. Cos U are a friend who means a really whole lot for me. Whom will always be there for me no matter what *in your ways*., who understands me the best, who understood all my super freaking weird reasoning and who always comforts and cheer me with your presence. And the one with whom I feel happiest, calmest and most comfortable even in the greatest silence. 

Happy Birthday!! I love You!  
Wishing U the best in whatever U do. Lovee love U! :D 
*yeah, a declaration of love!!~* 
And always be blessed and enjoy the blast. I'm not meeting U this soon, but yeah, I LOVEE you! 

♥ Happy 21st Honey! And lets live to the max! Lets travel the world together! And yeah, lets be everything! :) 

ps : I know its very weird cos this comes from me, and never in life had I done something like this before, but U are one of the person who understand me the most. So, i know U'll understand!! ^^ 
Because I love U and i know U too love me like crazy XD 

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