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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Just Can't Stop! :)

Whenever there's a beginning, 
there surely be an end coming to it. 
Its a something that has been fated and destined to naturally occur that way. 

Yeah, i understand all that. And i know human is complex and emotions is ... what can i say, other than Water, Fire, Air and Earth, emotions is the other essential elements of life. Cos whatever we are feeling is an emotion rite? even if we feel nothing, that is also an emotion : of not knowing and empty. 

Anyways. I feel sooo diverted from the real path. Cos i dun intend on writing a long crap talk. but whatever. Its just me. And i'm widely known for all my theories and philosophies. Hehe! :D 
Actually i just want to ramble on this one thing. But uh. Maybe due to high shear stress physiologically and too much external pressure, i have so many things to say. But dunno which one to write. so yeah..

So, a friend of mine kind of.. Hm she has just recently broken up with his ex-boyfiee.. Poor her, I know. 
But, forever is long and eternal is an impossibility no matter how long forever is! *OhMiGosh, did I just came out with an awesome phraseeeeeeeeee???*
I'm not complaining or like criticising her for being so distressed and emo-ing. I understand her right and needs and why she felt that way. Anyways, all that im saying is a general statement and has no kind of relationship with either the living or dead. :) 

So, what I think is this. I mean. From the very start, from the beginning of life, we've known that nothing is going to last forever rite? like. In a way, along the way, after some time, its going to its end, rite? we know that perfectly well, don't we? Love, business, friendship, even Earth itself. Things is going to end. 
Like exam season. U feel the stress now. The burden. And then when it comes, U go for it, U seat for it and U strive for it. And no matter how well U perform, U have sat for it. So, yes it has ended for the time being. but after sometime it come again. things like this recycle. So, u nd to prepare urself for the next exam season. 

What im actually trying to say was... Whenever one thing ends for U... Do Not lose hope. Or think so negatively and pitifully of yourself cos U know perfectly well who U are. And darn, even Hitler deserved to receive all kinds of respects and love, after all the cruelty, so do U! 
I kind of pissed when U curse yourself and feel urself so useless and want to waste your time weeping and mourning over some useless, unworthy thing. I mean, time don't stop moving, not even for a single person. u have a longggggggggggggggg journey awaits and lots of things to do. So why stop yourself in the middle of the way. Just like. I know memories is unforgettable. Unless you are having amnesia or some brain degenerations, but still.. be an optimist. one thing goes, U can have another 10 coming to you. Just, its a matter on how u're seeing things and how u bring yourself to it. there are lots more people around U and much more things worth for U to work for that something that has been ur past. 

So, the conclusion is ::: 

Cos U can always start a new beginning! whenever u wants it. =) 

I know this is so mixed up. Not pointless, I certainly know. just! Im a science student. So how do U expect my analytical brain will write things. Especially about all these emotions. So, this is another manuscript written by a science person... and have fun in decoding/deciphering this precious piece! xD

psss : Guess you're just lucky to be reading this, rite!? :) 

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