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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another rambles of life

Today is an NEW day : 01/11/11. Nov 1, 2011. What a DATE! :) Really great numbers. 
And its 2 months more to 2012. WOW! What a year. I've realised how much I had changed within a year and how much my life has changed and developed and is now entering a new stage of life.

WOW! :) Sometimes I might appear childish or playful but HALLO! Thats how we need to live. I can't stuck with my cold, mature face mode all time, can I? the thought of it itself was so depressing and LOL if i really implemented it, GOSH i don't know whats gonna happened! im so going to die of boredom due to lack of colors in my life! xD 

And being childlike isn't bad, correct? Say, do U remember whatever U've done during childhood? When U were a child, all U wanted is to grow up and becoming an adult. U behave just how your parents told U to properly behave. U can't really do things what we called as CHILD THINGS! :D
Thats why as a grown ups we tend to think like kids and acts kidd-ishly!! :D U think it's cute that is why U are doing it. BUT duh! It was sooo much FUN! 

And trust me. I know U know this too.. Life is as depressive and stressful as it is, soooo yeah just chill out and cheer up and live it up how ever U want it! 

IYE!! Tomorrow ::--> BIOPHARMACEUTICS AND PHARMACOKINETICS ... It's MATHS and Physiology all OVER AGAIN! Hwaiting!~~ :) 

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