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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


This is such a busy week. Honestly it is. I've got lab practicals, case study, special study group, special group discussion, lectures, tutorials and lots of assignment to be submitted in a short time. 

I'm tired, exhausted and feels like dying. I'm drained of all that is taken up to feed myself.
GLUCOSE is a main source of energy and currently is the most wanted 'items' in the market. No glucose, brain can NOT work. So yeah. I keep feeding myself, 60/24/7 and i spent a lot the whole week just to eat. And when I said I ate a lot these past few days it really is a lot! :D I normally eat breakfast, lunch (sometimes 2x), dinner (at least 2 meals, HEAVY Meals) for dinner! XDDDD 

U don't believe me?????
HOW Sad. I know physically i look weak and adorably vulnerable. But buy me dinner and U will know the truth! :) 

Anyways. Yesterday afternoon, I and some of my group members paid a visit to Hospis Malaysia. It is some kind of a care centre which offers Palliative Care Service. What is Palliative Care

It is a nice place. A NGOs body. Offering free medical services**. and the staff and medical team is quite good and very reliable. they are a somewhat perfect team, if I may say that. First cos of the strong Interpersonal relationship between professionals and very highly competent and is optimising pharmaceutical care to the Max! Those are goals targeted in medical field nowadays, other than treating/cure patients.
It is an interesting experience actually. listening to their talk. knowing what they did, their services, their experiences. and the way that was told was amazing. I don't know. It's very motivational, I must say. And a wonderful things to learned. No patient visit, but it is really nice because they are very helpful and provides very informational talk. We don't really needs to ask questions cos they simply told us everything we needed and supposed to know and get from the visit. The place is beautiful too. 

And i'm very exhausted. Must prepare for next week Green Lung's activity and another practicals, quizzes and assignment. Man the next 3 weeks supposedly will be a chaotic period for me. :( But no matter. I want to go home this week! I missed my parents, my family, my kittens and cats. and the entire household. 

Good nite, people! :D 

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