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Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Mere Thought! :)

it was a great game last night : Malaysia vs Bahrain. It's a good one actually. Although Malaysia lost 3-2 to Bahrain. Congrats to this boy ::: Nazmi and other team members of Harimau Muda! U guys played well.

Tapi, one thing that I absolutely can't accept is .. When they win, even 1-0, OhMY pujinya melambung-lambung. Even that one time, cos Malaysia won, we get a holiday the next day. *But we need to work and study extra time the next week* Now, they lose even with a good match, a good game like that, people criticise. I know its a norm of a thing. But seriously, i feel as if they are being unfair towards the player. It's not a normal, tolerated critics, mind you. It's like saying "WTH Malaysia. U lose everything and U r such a F****** something within 6 minutes"

DAMN Human. What are U!! 6? Memang la 6 minutes is long. But hallo.. Why not talk about the 80+ minutes earlier. Why the 6 minutes became the main factor of measurement!! That's just plain annoying and brainless when U so happened to be the same person, who had when Malaysia won against Indonesia a few days ago, praising them all high as if Harimau Malaya is the king!

My aim of saying this is so that whenever u criticise or praising someone, do it moderately. Because we people all have brains mah? and brains means U have knowledge, and as normal person, ur cognitive function must be similar to one another. Intelligence must be differ but conceptual thinking is technically the same for all normal matters. so STOP doing this excessive praising and thoughtless criticism cos honestly constructive comments are made from a fair judgement, a creditable information and a good statistical measure

What a total intellectual Defence!!! :DD

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