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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Diary Entries! :)


This is the first day of class after, well, a one week break. To say that its a BLACK Monday is really incomparable to whatever i had gone through! Ceh i know i'm exaggerating but darn, that's a tiring day nonetheless.
And just imagine. On the FIRST Day, class was supposed to start at 8am! No shit peeps, but the lecturer decided not to tell and NOT come. Can U just imagine how pissed I am? geeez, i know i have know right to be pissed cos its my responsibility as a student and blahblahblah. But then, it's just frustrating! its MONDAY and its the first day of class after a break, so how can I not be EMO-ing cos of that. And i'm so damn sleepy throughout the day, energy-less and soooo tired! LOL Tired, waeee? I don't know. Just dun ask! 
And i accidentally skipped one and a half hour NMR lecture. Damn I'd be clueless on the next lecture! Why la Dr. Khai suddenly decided to bring the class forward without informing. And later that noon, CHC lecturer decided to transfer her class just before lunch, haisz. All plans ruined. Wani and I were rushing to go to service centre, make bill payments and everything but we came late. Quiz for Nuclear Pharm already started and we ended up not doing it. But for all the kindness and his big heart, he allowed us to sit for the quiz after test. U can't imagine how grateful I am to En. Borhan!! Thanks a lot although i dun really think I did good for the quiz. My brain just can't seems to work and LOL i can't even hold the pen right! ~~

Later, i slept all the night, woke up on the midnight planning to study for NMR lecture la konon. But ended up twittering, spazzing and downloading from 12 to 4am! Huhu!~ 
Oh. I slept at Wani's room the day before cos my housemates *all of them* decided not to sleep at our apartment. NOT that I'm afraid just i don't feel good of sleeping alone! XD Haha.

Conclusion for this date :: I ate damn a lot, I spent quite a lot, my Pinky Vaio baby is at the service centre, and I'm exhausted of running all over places. And Twitter is addictive and veryy TIME-consuming! 


Yeah, we planned to go to Seoul Garden tomorrow!! *jumps in happiness*

What happened today huh? Ergh, let me recall. Oh yeah, had a fun talk with Miss MolyGIRI, WaniGiri and ShakUra! :D Hahaha. LOL i came out with a brilliant nicknames!! :DDDDD
Actually i got that idea from a longggggggggggggggggggggg spazzing with Miss HeraPark or currently known as HeraPura. LOL that brought to the birth of YUNHO-Giri (Yunho + Onagiri)! LMAOOO! 
Just so you know. i am Sap + Tempura = SaPura! haha. thats my exact name. and yes, me, as had been agreed by many of the tweet-ies, am the Goddess of Tempura! The real LORD Of tempura! ROFL that's lame and unbelievable!! ^^

this is inspired by Japanese and Korean cuisine and we both are totally the type of girls who love spazzing, gossiping and came out with weird stuff and also we love the comfort given by the bed and the fluffiness of the comforter sooo much we wanted to remains wrapped and lying on the bed all day and nights! :D 

Anyways. yeah we officially went to a lecture for CHC with the Medic Students. We don't really get to know each other personally but it feels weird U know? But me and my girls are sooo chilling that we refused to think any of the INTERPERSONAL Relationship.. Not just yet!~ 

And coming up next is the Hospice Care visits and also I just had a great thoughts on some recent things happening in the country! again, I have no political intentions! :)

G'nite everyone! I need to have a good, effective study time for tonight (so need to log off) and U know, Look refreshing for tomorrow? :) 

- signing off at 12.32am, Malaysia-

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