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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nov, 2nd.

02-11-11 : THE Day before is AUSPICIOUS. BUT the TODAY is just soooo shitty. Is NOT blaming the day. I'm blaming myself!~ 

But not my fault too rite? Cos im not the one setting up the paper, Plus who would expect that question which require a looooong answer to come out for an hour exam. 

DAMN DAMN DAMN! So tough. I feel like a total failure! A PHAIL-ureee! :( U know how that feels? Its sooo shitty and hurting and man! Feel so stupid! *crying, bawling my eyes out*
GOSH what's happening to me, myself and my brain. has the 4 months break rusted it all? Cos really. I don't feel really good for this exams. the heaven! *hit my head on the wall*
AND GREAT! now I'm monologue-ing and typing NON stop! Emo-ing non stop! Geeezsz...........

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