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Friday, November 25, 2011

25th November 2011

i am supposed to be doing many things but each time i reached home and in comfort in my bed, wrapped like ONAGIRI, i simply lost it all. I ate like there's no tomorrow, lepak like nothing matters. talking like a somebody. and i am NOT doing any of productive things. Huhu. Work is a lot, abandoned in a corner. actually all my belongings, reference book all still in the car. :DDD and my brain can't work. even with my eyes open, i can only stare. and do nothing. Omona! I'm sure i'll be craszeee soon.

Makes me wonder is this the life i've been wanting to live for? but actually life is the same for everybody.. so i should just shut my mouth up and stop thinking of the ifs and of the what i am supposed to do and get and just concentrate on whatever things i am supposed to be focusing on rite now.

In addition, just get our MidTerm result today. and as expected. My THAT Paper, *the one i told U i feel like eating a wood after doing it*, the result is sooo opposite to good! Others are OK i suppose. Just need extra more hardwork but that particular paper!! :( 

I really need to work my asses and squeeze my brain up for that..

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