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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Have U ever had enough?

Just because U've had enough, it doesn't mean U wanted too much. 

Life is like this doesn't it? 
U will never know U have that much till when U lose it,
U never know U have done so much till U feel tired and exhausted and U cried ur heart out for it.
And U never know the meaning of appreciating and treasuring things if U never lose it or U have had it all your life.

I don't know what I'm trying to say. but often people said that "U have enough of this so U should stop".
But Time doesn't stop, does it? It keeps on ticking and moving and nobody can stop it. And how on Earth U know whether U have enough or someone had more than enough?
Cos it never will be enough of something, to us.. human, will it? Just like how we can't stop breathing and how do we say that we have enough air to breathe each time? 
      It's very difficult isn't it? Just like how difficult it is to think and to write down whatever U think on a piece of paper and to ensure that each of your messages will be perfectly understood by your readers. 
And I believe that as long as we live, we can never get enough of something. Cos that's how and why GOD Created us. 
He creates us to search and find answers, to look for questions and to never stop finding. 

Finding WHAT? that is for U to find out! :) 


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