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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Let ME Talk! =)

Perfection is what every human being is wishing and striving for. Everybody wants to be perfect. to become the perfect child, perfect student, perfect mother, etc. But sometimes being perfect, too perfect, in everything is not really a good thing. 

For example, in love, U are looking for a perfect lover. Someone who will treat U nicely, treasure U highly like a princess. Someone who will give everything and anything just to make U happy. Someone who will hold onto U and pour all his love to you.. Someone who is everything every living girls (and probably boys) are wanting. the someone, a perfect prince that makes U living a life of a fairy tale. LOL if HAPPY is the only feeling i would feel, I'd rather not to. It's not thrilling and there's no fun on it! :D

But life, every single aspect of life (none is excepted) has its own equilibrium state. equilibrium is a state where the 2 variables at each side of the reaction is in balance. be it the concentration or rate of reaction. None should exceed the other. so in case of the perfect lover (or perfect whomever), things goes on the same. We can never be too perfect. Define perfect in your own. The perfections U were seeing is not perfection cos if u look into it very carefully and inspect them wisely, U then will know the imperfection masked from normal eyes. 

Reality hurts. I know! But Hurt is spelt the same as Love. So what's the big deal. it's only a four-letter word. I know i might sound heartless, emotionless and whatever U may say. But don't ever deny the fact! You need to continue living just no matter how hard it is. Life isn't only about rainbows and butterflies. they might look beautiful, but there's more than just beautiful. and life isn't only about loving somebody. life is about doing everything and feeling and experiencing everything as much as U can.

We needed LOVE in our life. So why discriminating HURT. they are both they same. We needed both cos life is constantly changing, we are seeing different things in life. These two are what shapes us to be who we are in the future. HURT has its own role, so thus love. Therefore, relax and just accept the fact that if today U were hurt, nature will always play its role to return U back to the state U wanted the most --> LOVE (where happiness and all the positive emotions is). 

♥ from me! and brainy me! :D

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